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UI Path

UiPath is an RPA tool that can be used for various forms of automation like Web Automation, windows Desktop Automation, Citrix Automation and PDF Automation. In web automation, UiPath allows web developers to perform various actions such as data extraction. , application broadcast, reporting and website testing. This tool can be integrated with different technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), business process management (BPM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Its comprehensive solutions enable users to automate redundant tasks.

UiPath Components
        • UiPath Studio:

      This component uses visual aids such as diagrams and flowcharts to design automation processes. It also includes the coding and sequencing of these processes. It consists of a graphical user interface (GUI), buttons, drag-and-drop functions and pre-made templates.

        • UiPath Robot:

      Various bots are implemented in this component to execute the automation processes based on predefined rules.

        • UiPath Orchestrator:

      This component acts as a web-based application that schedules, deploys, and manages processes.

Why UiPath is Widely Adopted

UiPath is widely used by developers and organizations for the following reasons: Compliance: It can help an organization comply with industry regulations by supporting internal reviews.

    • Profitability:

This tool is profitable because the operating costs are minimal. Security: UiPath’s security features protect users from various types of attacks. If a user tries to log into the system from another computer, the previous session (login) is automatically terminated.

    • Community Driven:

Offers a free trial of its community edition with active community support with tutorials and tips.

    • Speed ??and Accuracy:

Complete tasks times faster and more accurately than humans.

    • Customer Experience:

This is an effective way to improve the customer experience. Productivity � Increases productivity in an organization as many tasks can be completed simultaneously in a short amount of time.

Features of UiPath
    • Built-in Recorder:

Users can record their activities with the built-in recorder.

    • Hosting Options:

Hosting can be on a virtual terminal or in the cloud.

    • Central Repository:

It consists of a central repository that improves users� concurrent management of robots.

    • Application Compatibility:

It is compatible with more applications including desktop and web applications.

    • Scrapping Feature:

This has an advanced scrapping feature (wizard driven) that allows users to do data scraping.