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Amazon Web Service is a popular cloud platform which has been started by Amazon. It is one of the most used public cloud platforms and the fastest-growing platform in public. It offers various services at different data centers all over the world. It consists of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. It is the most secured platform which is used in various platforms like data storage, content delivery, compute power, and other functions. It is used by IT professionals which is a necessity for them and helped in many platforms.

AWS is a platform that offers numerous services and it has been recognized all over the globe. It is a platform where they have a physical data center and are connected with a low latency network with a highly reliable platform. It includes different features which are offered to organizations and are beneficial for them. It has proper storage, where they easily compute the networking platform where they have mobile development. It easily messages and notifications reach the platform through the various databases with management and governance. It is used in developing various tools and application services where they use artificial intelligence and many other services offered to the companies. It easily supports in various ways where they give the best help in different ways on various platforms.

Manufacturing Organization: It is a platform where they easily used manufacturing goods. Where they easily focus on other services and practices and need to focus on another manufacturing goal. It is used by manufacturing industries where it used to care for IT infrastructures and management.

Media Company: AWS is used by media companies where the main concern is to get proper content and store the backup of videos and music. It takes care of all the situations.

Architecture Consulting: It is used in prototype and rendering where they resolve the issues. It held the automatic and sped up rendering the prototyping platform. It helps to offer the best services in the market.

Large Enterprise: It has a high reach and usage all over the world and easily reaches the customers and employees globally and at different places. It offers proper skills in big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.